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Body na balet dla dziewczynki Podgląd


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Girls' black gymnastic bodysuit with full freedom of movement

In our offer you will find  black girls' ballet bodysuits , which were made of 100% cotton, which, even after repeated washing, remain unchanged. During gymnastics, dance or ballet, the child's comfort and freedom of movement are important. That is why c zarne girls' gymnastic bodysuit is the perfect solution. The offer also includes a body for a boy . 

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Black gymnastic bodysuit for a girl - perfect for dance classes, ballet

While learning to dance, the child must feel at ease, without restrained body movements and without clinging underwear. For this purpose, we have created a 3/4 sleeve training bodysuit that works well in such circumstances. Children are the most demanding consumers, which is why the children's costume is made of 100% cotton safe for your child's skin, which is to provide him with the best comfort. Additionally, a  black ballet bodysuit for girlsit has a nickel-free snap fastening in the crotch for easy changing. The knitted fabric will provide a pleasant touch to the body and the free wear of the gymnastic suit by your child. The high flexibility of the material from which it is made means unhindered movement when performing your child's dance figures and other exercises. Due to the fact that it is a one-piece suit, it protects the kidney area of ​​the child from wrapping up and catching a cold. B Young ballet for girls has been designed specifically for dancers and gymnasts, so as to conceal buttocks in its entirety.

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